Ant Faq

Here we will try and answer some of the general questions we get on Ants

  • I want to buy an ant farm do you know where i can get one?
    You can get many varieties at
  • Will the ants bite?
    All harvester ants can sting or bite you and will given the chance.  These guys really need to be kept in sealed ant farms. 
  • How many ants do you sell per regular vial?
    We sell them in lots of 20-30 is what we state as Quantity for sale but they are typically a few more.
  • Will any of the harvester ants Die during transportation?
    This is VERY LIKELY.  Generally you will have a few deaths as that is just the nature of them being in such a small closed space.  This is why we suggest the fastest shipping you are comfortable with as well as the cold pack - heat pack.
  • With Horned lizard bulk Ant sales how many are there?
    Our stated qauntity per container is 500 but you will receive extras in there as well.
  • Where do you ship from?
    We ship from 2 facilites in the midwest typically.  On rare ocassions if we run out we will request a third party supplier to fill your order so as not to hold it up.
  • What days do you ship?
    Mondays and Tuesdays are the only days we ship live red harvester ants ground.  We will ship wed as well for express and express saver.  We do not want them sitting in facilities over the weekend this is why.
  • Will you please ship me a queen ant for my colony?
    By law we cannot it is illegal.
  • I was told the ants will die off in a few weeks without a Queen ant to direct the workes in the colony in the day to day activities?
    Very untrue
  • How long can i expect my havester ants to live in my Uncle ant farm?
    up to to 1 year is possible but generally 2-6 months
  • Is the Antworks Space age gel farm better?
    If you do not want to feed or water your ants then yes go this route.