Ant Farm Experiments

So you are thinking about doing a science experiment involving Ant farms.

Here are some ideas you may want to try out for school Science Projects

  • Discover what types of foods Harvester ants prefer.                               
    How to do this Science Experiment:
    Mom and dad will not be happy so please make sure you stay away from the kitchen and make sure the ants do not escape.  Remember ants can and will bite or sting so be careful. 
  • Create an enclosure by using tupperware large glass bowls etc.  Along the rim of these rub vasoline or thick oil so the ants cannot escape up the sides.Observe several types of food placed on lids to determine which food the ants prefer. Change your design of your the experiment to determine if the distance from a specific food changes the number of ants who find the food and time it takes for them to reach the most desirable foods.
     Take notes and pictures over the course of several hours.
  • Use an Fascinations ant habitat Such as the Antworks Gel Ant Farm  to discover reactions to changes in temperature or light or motion.  For motion you can place the Ant Farm in a box placed upon Aquarium air pumps.  Does this affect the ants activity and ability to build tunnels in a gel habitat?
    Test the effect of different types of sand on the ants' ability to tunnel.  Does a thicker sand make a better medium or fine sand? Kits with colored sand  such as the Rainbow ants are available to buy to increase the visual effect of this experiment.
  • Can smells be used to repel ants.  In this science experiment you can put non edible substances that produce strong odors in an area and see the reaction of the insect.

Send an email with your project and results and we will post it here!!