Ant Food

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What my ants need food?  Well of course they do but what do i need to feed them? 

Well ants like a variety of foods.  We include in our special blend some nourishing items.  To name a few ingredients

  • Such as Parsley
  • Sugars
  • A variety of grains
  • Other nourishing items.

Priced per bag so stock up on a few.


Ants are usually prosperous as a species because they possess the capability to create a meal out of a large number of items. They are able to consume plants, converting the plant matter directly into energy as well as they will feed on meat. Various types of ants desire several varieties of food. Many eat other bugs and deceased creatures which they come across, whilst others feed on sugars, fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, oils, greens and other sources of proteins

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