Don't forget My Heat Pack or cold
Pack for me to live longer.

Ants For Sale

Who wants live ants?  Well many people do but for good reason and we offer premium harvester ants for sale.

During the winter and summer months getting ants can be kind of an ordeal. 

Many customers do not know the facts about ants and shipping them and even keeping them alive in their habitats

Here are a few things you should know about ants.

  • Just because it is warm or cold there does not mean it is the same here
  • Harvester Ants will ALWAYS live longer if you use a heat pack and express saver shipping however the choice is yours
  • The less time these guys are in the vial the better so take them out and put them in your Habitat
  • It is illegal for us to ship queen ants knowingly and we cannot do so.  See one reason why you would not one one here Illegal Queen Ants.



Live Ant Farm Ants

So you are ready to get that Uncle Milton Ant Farm up and ready with some live ants.  We we offer Premium Harvester ants that are ready to do some work for you.

Colors of Life Antworks + Led Base

Just an FYI on those that like ant habitats and ant farms.  The new antworks colors of life is now on sale