Uncle Milton original ant farm
This is the Original Style of Vintage Sand Ant Farms. Way back when these were offered in the back of comic books. See the history of UMI.

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So You have anfarm and want live ant farm ants.  Well you have come to the right place for your insect needs.

All of our live harvester ants are an ideal buy for Uncle Milton Ant Farms and will make an ideal addition to your habitat.

UMI Industries also known as the creator of the  Uncle Milton Ant Farm was the first company that came out with the sand ant farm many years ago.  Now they have many types including the Green Gel Agar based habitat .  

In this Gel unit you do not need to feed or water your ants.
See picture and link below.


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Uncle Milton Ant Farm Ants

The Best ants you will get for your Uncle Milton ant farm.

Uncle Milton Gel Ant Farm

From what I remember this is the first gel based ant farm that was made by Uncle Milton.